500 ml whipped cream
397 grams condensed milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
170 grams chocolate ( crushed)
750 grams biscuits


In large chilled bowl, whip the cream until stiff.
Fold in the condensed milk and vanilla, then the crushed chocolate.
Layer some biscuits, face down, on the bottom of a baking dish or on a baking tray.
Using either a spoon or a piping bag, scoop or pipe some of the creamy mixture onto the biscuits, how thick you want it is up to you. If using a piping bag, make sure the opening is large enough for the crushed chocolate to fit through.
Place biscuits face up onto the cream ,
Cover with a piece of baking parchment and start again with a new layer of sandwiches, starting with face down biscuits.
Build up as many layers of sandwiches as you can/want using baking parchment between each layer. The parchment is not essential, but makes separating the sandwiches a little bit easier.
The thickness of your creamy mixture will determine how many biscuits you will actually need.
Place in the freezer until frozen
When sandwiches are frozen, wrap in cling film or in a freezer-safe container and store in the freezer.


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