Fondant is a type of frosting or covering used on cakes and cupcakes. It is a sweetest way to cover cakes. The best cake art.

Fondant Icing is a sweet creamy sugar paste used in candies and icings made of sugar, gelatin and glycerin mixture. Fondants are highly expensive because of the beauty. Patience is required as it is a work of art.

There are two main types of fondants used in making artistic cakes. The two kinds of Fondant are

Rolled fondants are like sweet dough. They are made with sugar, water and corn syrup. This type of fondants is rolled out into sheets, and then can be colored.

Poured fondant is a sweet paste which is used as an icing. Sugar, water and corn syrup are the three ingredients to make poured fondant.

Cakes can be created in great art form for all categories ranging from kids to teenage girls, boys, etc.

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