Summers, are the most hectic period to breathe in. An immense figure of work, loaded upon shoulders. People have a tendency to lose the importance to maintain themselves and their DIETS. All one views is things lingering around, people behaving to take notice of every up coming fashion trend but all they get away is from the fashion of a maintained body and DIET. Bulky ones are getting bulkier while the slim ones are just showing up bones. Following is a wee trendy DIET plan for all groups to carry along in the scorching heat, so they can well sustain themselves.


“Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”


And that is so true; an early riser stays healthy throughout his living years. Is the one who have enough time to relax in a day though much hectic is it. A day must begin with a glass of mild water on an empty stomach, this washes out all the extra material stored in body overnight and even improves the skin.


A healthy breakfast keeps one energized all day long as it is booster for the body. It is obvious in summers people don’t tend to eat much but healthy dosage of nutrition is mandatory. A vigorous breakfast may include a combination from the subsequent,

A glass of milk, tea or coffee, bread and butter, wheat or flour bread, morning scones, croissant, eggs etc


Everybody must take a time off during the working hours, and then it may be office work or a student and have a mid morning snack that can be preferably at 11’ o clock. For different people the menu is different. It is a short meal which can be anything easily available around the place to get refreshed.



Now lunch is the second complete meal of the day after breakfast and should not be avoided. It can be completed in variations of cultures or even depends upon the culture one in engaged in. what so even a person eats must not forget to have a good amount of water or liquids to keep the body hydrated.


It is an evening meal and one can have anything that is craved for, mostly people tend to enjoy their suppers by having a nutritious bowl of cut fruits, salads, banana, curd, chocolates, ice cream, doughnuts, smoothies and much more.  Supper is now a day recalled by tea time snacks.


This is a night time meal, before going to bed. It is significant to have your tummy full when you go to sleep as it gives healthy signals to brain and gives you sound sleep at night. A lot of water and cucumber is said to be the most chief component of dinner throughout the world.

Instead of no eating, eating and drinking a lot on diverse times of a day should be made a fashion. It should be stretched around the globe as other trends spread like glitter dust.

Happy eating, happy summers.


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